“The Church Book” 1720 - 1806

is an original record for the North Parish, hand written by Reverend Daniel Putnam and Reverend Eliab Stone.

Title Page Signed by both

Members by Rev. Daniel Putnam

Marriages by Rev. Eliab Stone

This document was digitally recreated and includes 133 images placed on CD.
620MB of Images. Most Images are almost 5MB each. Easy to zoom in and read details.

It contains vital records for births and marriages for the inhabitants of North Parish during this time period.
It also contains writings concerning regular church business as well as the Church Covenant and the list of founding members.

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Family names in the book: (This is not an inclusive list)
Abbott, Allen, Bancroft, Batchelder, Boyd, Bragg, Brooks, Brown, Buck, Burke, Burnam, Burnap, Burt, Buxton, Carter, Chamberlin, Cobb, Damon, Eaton, Fish, Flint, Foster, Frye, Goodale, Gowing, Graves, Harnden, Hart, Hartshorne, Hayward, Herrick, Holt, Hutchinson, Jenkens, Jones, Lemon, MacIntire, Nichols, Nickols, Parker, Peirce, Phelps, Pope, Porter, Prat, Pratt, Proctor, Putnam, Rich, Roberts, Rolfe, Sawyer, Shelden, Sheldon, Stone, Taylor, Townsend, Upton, Walton, Welman, Whittredge, Wood, Woodbridge, Wright.

In 1717 the inhabitants of the North Reading Parish voted "to settle a minister amongst them”. Having a resident minister enabled the townspeople to establish a separate church from Reading, sparing them a difficult journey by horse and carriage to Reading each Sunday for church services. Reverend Daniel Putnam, a graduate of Harvard, became the first pastor of the North Parish at the age of twenty-three and served up to the time of his death on June 20, 1759. He was succeeded by Reverend Eliab Stone, also a graduate of Harvard, who faithfully served the church for almost 65 years.

The Church Book CD may be viewed at
The Flint Memorial Public Library, located at 147 Park Street, North Reading, Massachusetts
The New England Historic Genealogical Society, located at 101 Newberry Street, Boston, Massachusetts
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